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Roof Mold, Moss & Algae Damage

In many of the homes that we inspect, we find mold and mildew in the attic. This is caused by a variety of reasons. Improper ventilation for the attic and roof is one cause. Often we see multiple exhaust venting on the same roof. This is one case where “more is not better”. Also there are a shortage of intake vents or the existing intake vents are covered with insulation, choking off the airflow.

All attic spaces should have Intake or Soffit Ventilation and Exhaust or Outlet Ventilation. This creates a good “Low to High” airflow allowing for full venting of the attic. This is essential for pulling moist or condensed air out of your home. Also, bath fans have been found to be venting directly into the attic, dramatically increasing moisture content. Add to this, the increase in whole house furnace humidifiers in homes and the attic becomes a perfect environment for mold growth, dark, moist, nutrient rich organic plywood. Now, more than ever, the proper ventilation system is critical to avoid mold, mildew, wood rot and an overall healthy environment for your home and Family.

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